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Bieber Quiz

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  1. jblover says:

    Jb plz send me free tickets cause its my bday in 5 days so send them in the mail to 9621 salt river road cecilia ky 42724

  2. Rebekah reed says:

    Justin u r so cute u know I love. U so much

  3. Rebekah reed says:

    Hey justin I’m in foster care I really am in Woodward ok 306maddison Woodward Oklahoma 73601 I got abused by my mom if u could vist me u wou
    D make my day

  4. Rebekah reed says:

    Sorry 73801

  5. Rebekah reed says:

    Call me if u can 1 580 309 1888

  6. amanda corallo says:

    hi,its amanda.i live in semour tennesee and i got tooken away from my parents.i would love it if you came and visited me at my school.my school is called semour intermediate school,and if you can call me at 223-7306.i’m a huge fan ,and i love you very much.i love you.bye

  7. may says:

    so bord and justin ur cute

  8. may says:

    y do you girls like justin

  9. belieber forever says:

    Justin, you’re my biggest idol! Invite my pin blackberry = 26C35A16
    Girls who love justin bieber, please also invite my blackberry pin:)
    Who invitedmy blackberry pin, thankyou!
    Love you justin bieber …
    Justin, i love your bieber fever very much!

  10. ciera cabrera says:

    JB I know you probably here this everyday but,I really am your number one fan.I have 49 posters of you.you are really nice,cute,cool also.I want too speak to you in person,or even talk to you.bye:-D.love ya:-).

  11. jblover says:

    jb i love u so much

    plz let f****** selena go ok selena haet us she just want to be famous near u
    ok ?????

  12. lovely12 says:

    Omg this is fun

  13. AMIRAH says:

    Wow Justin I love u and I live in Trinidad and I never get to see u except on TV and u are my role I look up to you in everything u do I wish I could see you more I will always believe in you and your music. If u are reading this I love u an your girl friend sale a is pretty and cool thanks for your patients


  14. Nicole says:

    Ok I recently just started falling for u I have over 200 psyers of u,ur type o cloths,and ur perfume (which smells anazing!) I just really want to have ur number so I can talk to u. Well i hope u read this:) bi

    If u want u can txt me @ 13155651128
    Or follow me on instagram@blazers_12

  15. farnaz says:

    I love heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. anishkokkad says:

    Bieber fever

  17. Robyn-Leigh says:

    Hi Justin:)I love you so much<3!! _ I'm super excited that you're coming to Cape Town but also sad that I can't get to watch you perform live since all the tickets are sold out !! :( but I'm so proud of you Justin you've been my inspiration :)



  18. anna says:

    justin u cant even imagine how much do i LOVE u !!!
    u r my idol i worship u!!
    yours, with love

  19. ANNA says:

    i love justin bieber forever

  20. mrsbieber23 says:

    love it

  21. bbbowers says:


  22. celeste says:

    Hi justin bieber I heard from someone that said they canceled your tour because they caught you doing drugs backstage and I must say I am so sorry and I love you bieber belieber 4 life

  23. candace fleming says:

    hi jb im 13

  24. cara peters says:

    der jb iove you you are bot boy can i have one have your ticket to your cutertit

  25. cara peters says:

    i love you my namr is cara peters i am your biggst fan ever and =JESSICA

  26. melisa says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh……justin is very very very bad

  27. Shalena says:

    I love u JB the have to you but a hot boy to they are music love sing
    Who the show him love do get shirts see like to we you have to or for never can but Shalena eye look Justin eye he to a Justnin Boy Friend Shalena Girl Friend love u JB

  28. sama says:

    he’s very good and cute i love him

  29. Jahana says:

    Hi. Justin ! <3 iLoveyou so much . Your always on my mind and i wish i meet you in person i hope you give me a chance to meet you. Im from philippines. Im jahana magdayo 17 yr old. ILoveyou since im 13yr old , until now justin! Ihope to see you in person and take a picture with you cuz im so addicted to you iLoveyou your voice,songs,attitude and looks <3 I REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU in PERSON JUSTINBIEBER <33

  30. Adriana says:

    Hi biebs im an extreme bieberlicious belieber and i love u so much and i just want to wish u an amaizing merry christmas and a firecracking happy new year love u text me back please seroiusly

  31. Amiyah says:

    O.M.G I am such a fan Justin! I am sorry they caught you doing drugs back stage but I don’t blame you. I probably do that too.

  32. Amiyah says:

    I really wish I could talk to you in person

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